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Forklift Ft Lauderdale also provides, Aerial Lift, Scissor Lift & Bucket Truck Training at your place of business in Florida. We go to you in order to meet the OSHA site specific requirement.

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Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Tel: 954-389-3544

Forklift training is available on weekends too!

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Laser Guide Fork Guidance System

Forklift Propane PPE Kit

Do you have damaged merchandise due to forklifts? Product damage can occur when merchandise is at height and the forklift operator can’t see exactly how the forks are lining up with the pallet. The forks pierce the packaging and damage the goods costing you money. Increase warehouse safety and productivity while reducing product damage with the Laser Guide Fork Guidance System.

The Laser Guide is equipped with an adjustable, fan-shaped laser beam that projects out from the forks indicating the exact fork position. Have you ever tried to get a pallet down from the top shelf on a racking system that is 21 feet high? Unless you have really good vision, it is extremely hard to tell when you have the forks lined up correctly with the pallet.

The fork guide system’s laser beam makes it much easier to see what you are doing and helps prevent product damage! The forklift laser guide is available in RED or Green.

The Laser Guide Fork Guidance System features:

    Available for Class 2 and Class 3 Lift Truck Carriages

    Easily Mounts to the Carriage Between the Forks Using an Adjustable Slider

    Includes Lithium-Ion Battery with 110V Charger

    Installs in Minutes

    Lasts Approximately 1 – 3 Months on a Single Charge

    Turns on Only When Movement is Detected and turns off 5 minutes after motion stops

    The laser has an operating distance of about 12 feet

    The Laser Guide has an international Class 1M laser warning label, meaning it would take

    a long exposure time at a very close distance to cause any damage to the eyes

Note: Stoppers must be installed for side-shifter trucks to prevent damage to the


Forklift Laser Guide System

Class 2 Carriage

Carriage height: 16”

Lifting Capacity: Between 2,200 lbs. and 5,500 lbs.

LASERR2 – $490 with RED laser

LASERG2 – $590 with GREEN laser

Class 3 Carriage

Carriage height: 20”

Lifting Capacity: Between 5,500 lbs. and 10,998 lbs.

LASERR3 – $490 with RED laser

LASERG3 – $590 with GREEN laser

Laser-Guide Extra Battery Option

LGBAT – $70

Forklift Laser Guide

Forklift Propane PPE Kit